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Personal Wealth Management

Clients choose Tufton Capital Management for our integrity, our experience and our proven record as an experienced advisor. By providing sound investment counsel and impeccable service, our firm serves the wealth management needs of hundreds of families spanning multiple generations. As a fiduciary, Tufton delivers independent advice that is free from the conflicts of many larger financial institutions. We build and maintain an open dialogue with our clients, creating a long-lasting, strong and trusting relationship that is honest and transparent.

A Valuable Partnership with the Client in Mind

At Tufton Capital Management, our primary purpose is to help preserve, protect and grow your wealth so that future generations can prosper.

Establish Goals & Objectives, Determine Risk
Develop Strategy, Financial Planning, Create IPS
Construct Portfolio, Execute Strategy
Monitor Progress, Make Adjustments

Our Investment Philosophy

Successful investing professionals are disciplined and consistent, and they think a great deal about what they do and how they do it.

Client Focus

Tufton Capital’s primary goal is to serve our clients’ best interests in order to meet their investment goals. This client-centric process that we adhere to is open and transparent, and it’s an integral part of our success in meeting these goals. As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, it is our fiduciary responsibility to only offer unbiased advice.

Long Term Growth

As value investors, Tufton Capital’s primary investment objective is the conservative long-term growth of our clients’ capital. We invest in high quality yet undervalued companies that may be temporarily out of favor in the financial markets. We create portfolios of individual securities with a typical holding period of three to five years for equities.

Manage Risk Through Diversification

We take a balanced and conservative approach to client portfolios. Our firm manages risk through the purchase of individual securities, fixed income instruments, and alternative investments through international Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs).

Investment Oversight

Just as our clients’ needs change, so do the investments that we hold. Throughout the portfolio management process, we apply a top-down approach to the macroeconomic environment with a bottom-up approach to selecting securities. We continuously monitor our holdings and make adjustments if company fundamentals change, if valuations change, or if we find better opportunities that may provide a more valuable reward/risk ratio.

Financial Planning and Estate Planning

Sound financial planning is about understanding your current financial situation, having a vision of where you want to be in the future, and creating a roadmap of success along the way. Tufton Capital Management gives you peace of mind and a sound investment plan that will help grow your assets throughout your lifetime while also planning for a transfer of wealth to future generations.

The professionals at Tufton Capital take a holistic approach that will manage even the most complex of situations. This customized process creates a financial plan that is unique to our clients’ individual lives and will guide them as they reach certain milestones. We review our clients’ current situations, investment goals, risk tolerances and wealth transfer goals. We then create a plan that is tailored to each client’s specific investment needs. The plan includes a strategy for distribution of assets upon death while also minimizing the future tax burden on loved ones. We have a network of trusted attorneys who can assist with wills, living wills and healthcare directives, as well as with the execution and administration of the estate.

Trust Services

Tufton Capital takes on the role of the investment advisor and partners with the corporate trustee to ensure that the beneficiary’s income needs are met.

Tufton Capital Management Investment Management Duties:

  • Our focus is entirely on our area of strength – the investments in the trust.
  • We act objectively and follow our disciplined approach to investing.
  • We provide continuity throughout the term of the trust.
  • We serve as the point of contact for trust administrators.
  • Due to our extensive trust experience, we understand the fiduciary obligation to both income beneficiaries and remainders.

Corporate Trustee Duties

  • Trust administration
  • Tax filing
  • Principal and income accounting
  • Trust distribution

Case Studies:

Multigenerational Family Client

Mary White is a 75 year old widow with three adult children. She has a $5 million estate. Her children have had varying degrees of financial success, with one having just sold his primary care practice for $2 million. Together, the family wants to preserve their legacy and transfer wealth to future generations. Each of the siblings has a different financial circumstance that needs to be addressed. A specific concern is keeping the estate under the $5 million lifetime exemption limit.

As part of the comprehensive plan to meet this family’s goals, Tufton Capital now manages accounts for each of Mary’s grandchildren, whose accounts were created as part of a broader gifting strategy. We guide the family as they gift assets to younger generations. All of these accounts are aggregated for fee purposes to give the family the best rate possible. In this way, Tufton Capital has enabled the efficient transfer of wealth to the White family’s future generations, and their legacy can be preserved.

Sale of Family Business

John Smith sold his business. The proceeds were $2.6 million after taxes. John does not lead an extravagant lifestyle, but enjoys traveling and wants to maintain the living standard to which he is accustomed.

To help John, Tufton Capital conducted a comprehensive financial planning assessment to determine the best way to fulfill his financial goals. John was presented with an outline of his finances, an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with stated goals and objectives, and a plan for his nest egg. Further, Tufton Capital worked with attorneys to create and implement an estate plan.

Retiring Business Owner

Jane Robinson, an attorney, has owned her practice for 25 years. She is ready to retire and transition her business to her partners. She needs help in determining the right time to retire and how to best transition her business.

To assist Jane in the business transition, Tufton Capital went through the financial planning process to determine the best time for her to retire, based on her assets, income, and desired level of spending. Together, they set a target distribution level to provide Jane with an income stream during her retirement. Tufton managed the account until she was ready for retirement, helped create the transition plan, and now manages her retirement account.

Multigenerational Estate Planning

Joseph and Ann Johnson have two children who are each married and have children of their own. After a long and successful career as business owners, the Johnsons have a $15 million estate as well as control of the business. The family wants to preserve their legacy and to transfer their wealth efficiently to future generations. They need to minimize estate taxes and preserve as much of the estate as possible.

Tufton Capital helped the Johnsons use their lifetime exemptions in the current tax environment to fund trusts that would ultimately benefit their children and grandchildren. Tax laws often change, and the Johnsons wanted to lock in the current lifetime exemption. The Johnsons also took advantage of the taxation structure of paying for their grandchildren’s educations as an additional way to transfer wealth tax-free. Tufton Capital helped fund a revocable trust and now manages multiple family members’ accounts. Tufton also assisted the family in creating a plan to smooth the transition of the business. All of the family members’ accounts are wholly separate, but are considered one relationship for fee purposes. Working together, the Johnsons and Tufton Capital were able to ensure the efficient transfer of wealth to future generations.

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